Artificial intelligence is a new buzzword in the tech industry. It seems every service company uses the term to describe their services — even if they don’t have AI capabilities.

So, how do you sift through the marketing hype and sales speak? Ask these four questions to find if AI claims are valid.


1. What do they mean by “artificial intelligence”?

Is there a system their developers have put in place to make the user experience quicker and shorter? Does the process have a learning capability that enables it to respond more smoothly and catch errors? Can it be applied to multiple areas of your company?

If not, then the “AI” they might be referring to is simply advances in their technology (which is fine). But this helps you weed through who is actually providing artificial intelligence solutions or just using the label to rebrand their current offerings.


2. How will you benefit from their AI?

Ask if they have quantitative results from utilizing their products or services. One example, could they increase your workforce 10x? Or can their solutions create a 90% reduction of errors versus current processes? Can their applications lower costs by a factor of 5?

These will be key indicators for uncovering true AI companies.


3. Does the “AI” implementation require oversight? 

No AI can function at optimally without data managers and process coordinators. The best AI solutions enhance human worker performance, so there is always a human component to the solution.

Ask the “AI” company about the relationship between the automated workforce and the human one. This will give you a good idea if it’s really AI.


4. Is the company’s goal to create AI experts in your company?

A sophisticated provider knows that AI requires interactions and management from humans. These processes become a part of the company, so no software developer should hold you hostage. At Novatio Solutions, we create consultive solutions to your processes that reach across departments. And we provide training for all those interacting with the new system. We want your company to be successful, so we make sure you are and your workers are comfortable and knowledgeable with their added AI support.


Conclusion: The Right Questions Can Help You Pick a Partner

It can be difficult to determine what processes and solutions can best support your company. While artificial intelligence has been around for decades, its solutions are being used more and more than ever before. If you have questions on how your company can be more productive and save on costs utilizing AI, request a no-pressure demo from our development team.

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