AI Launches iPhone X FaceID Into The Future

Move over Siri. There’s a new AI Apple feature in town and it’s called “FaceID.”

The much-hyped facial recognition technology has everyone from Shanghai to Silicon Valley talking about the possibilities. But why all the fuss? Let’s breakdown the features of this new achievement.

The Neural Engine

Apple’s new A11 Bionic processing chip is being dubbed the “neural engine,” because of its brain-like power to control futuristic features like facial recognition and augmented reality.

 A key feature of the neural engine is that it is designed to handle specific processing of algorithms. With previous phones, most processing was done through the cloud to preserve battery life.

This new processor is switching things up, expanding AI capabilities and making it much more convenient and safer to use the fun features on your phone like FaceID.

What FaceID Can Do

With each new iPhone launch, “oohs” and “ahhs” come from new features like: 3D touch, fingerprint scanning, double-sided cameras, bigger batteries, headphone jacks, and more. This iPhone presentation was all about FaceID.

FaceID uses the TrueDepth Camera system and biometrics of your face to perform various activities like:

Unlock  your phone
Forget memorizing a 4 or 6 digit code, or using your fingerprint to unlock your phone. The latest generation, let’s your face act as the password to your phone. Just look at the camera and “open sesame”.

Turn down your alarm clock
I bet you never thought that grumpy face you make at your alarm in the morning could actually help you? The X has a “new form of a face-powered snooze button” that turns down the volume on your phone’s alarm when you look at it. No more blaring marimba.

Pay for your purchases
Stop having to deal with the annoyance of punching in credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVC codes again and again. Sites like eBay are now making their apps FaceID compatible. A simple facial scan can be used to unlock stored data like credit cards to complete purchases.

Create an ‘animoji’
Tired of your emojis not capturing your mood or expression correctly? Get your emojis to raise an eyebrow just like you with the new camera system allowing the icons to essentially mimics your every movement.

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