Artificial Intelligence Ready to Disrupt Traditional Industries

Agriculture, energy, and construction are next on AI’s hit list.

From churches to education to music to movie trailers, artificial intelligence is influencing new (and sometimes untraditional) frontiers. But what about traditional industries (those red-blooded, tried-and-true, blue-collar businesses)? Agriculture, energy, and construction are ripe to be disrupted by AI. Here are a few ways these industries are being impacted by new technologies.


AI in Ag

Though we have mastered basic weather patterns – it’s colder in January and warmer in June – nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to Mother Nature. Hence why in weather-concerned industries like agriculture, gathering, analyzing, and utilizing data is not as simple as it may seem.

“While the headwinds for AI in AgTech are valid, there is reason to believe that AI’s success and large-scale adoption in agriculture are on the horizon,” explains agriculture and technology expert Rob Trice.

According to Techemergence, the future of AI in ag is promising especially in terms of robotics and soil health. Companies in these fields include Blue River Technology and Trace Genomics.

  • Blue River Technology: Founded in 2011 by Jorge Heraud and Lee Redden, and later acquired by John Deere in 2017, this company developed a smart machine to monitor cotton plants and spray detected weeds.

  • Trace Genomics: Originating in San Francisco in 2015, this company uses analysis and machine learning to provide clients with soil deficiencies and strengths.

 AI in Energy

Farmers aren’t the only ones realizing how beneficial AI can be. Energy corporations are also tapping into the power of artificial intelligence. Throughout the industry—from oil to gas to coal—old-fashioned processes increase costs and lowers efficiency. But AI and robotic process automation are changing location inspections, drilling, and business systems for the better.

Tech company Nvidia’s recent partnership with Baker Hughes, a General Electric subsidiary, is one proof of AI’s impact. Aside from GE, the world’s biggest oil and gas companies are investing huge sums in AI technology and companies.

Seven Lakes Technologies is one AI-based oil and gas production software company. Shiva Rajagopalan, its CEO, in a recent article with Forbes talked of several instances where AI is already helping oil and gas groups:

  • Decreasing unforeseen downtime
  • Automating repetitious and monotonous tasks
  • Allowing staff to focus on high-value problems versus data finding
  • Recognizing data patterns to predict oil well servicing before it becomes problematic
  • Leveraging data, so that repair crews can fix problems faster


AI on the Construction Site

The construction industry is heavily reliant on one important group – laborers. Companies are trying to use AI to solve various issues related to these workers. The biggest issue? Measuring productivity – how much work is being accomplished and if it’s being done correctly.

Tech company Doxel is trying to solve this dilemma. Robots feed daily captured images and laser scans into artificial intelligence software to measure progress and inspect quality. Using this method, construction foremen are able to identify issues earlier and increase productivity.



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