Companies Looking for Ways to Advertise in AR

The release of tools like ARKit and other platforms are making developing for Augmented Reality experiences more accessible to developers. As customers clamor for AR in apps and mobile devices, companies are looking for ways to get revenue the AR experience beyond an initial download purchase. One of the main ways is by inserting ads in Augmented Reality experiences.

“AR technology was previously used in very limited applications to simulate surgery for training purposes; it was not accessible to everyday people,” explains Gokul Solai, CEO of tech firm Novatio Solutions. “Just like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home brings AI mainstream, so is ARKit and other development platforms.”

Now that developers have access to AR, they want to monetize the experience. Ad formats could take different forms, including interactive ads that pop up related to objects users interact with. There could even be point rewards or scavenger hunts for themed promotions that make the “ad hunt” an exciting event.




Gaming companies could promote similar games in a game the user is currently playing. Or, they could offer add-on packages or accessory bundles. For example, if you are attacking zombies in your backyard, you may have the option the purchase a more skilled lightning sword to ward off the oncoming hoard.



Hollywood might also launch AR experiences to coincide with upcoming movies or TV shows. Just image yourself making your way through a guarded compound with James Bond at your side. You could then unlock access to the new trailer upon completion.



Grade schools can give virtual field trips to the Mesozoic Era and walk among an AR Tyrannosaurus rex without leaving the classroom (with the help of corporate sponsors, of course). Museums could offer custom experiences where visitors can interact with key historical exhibits — along with ads promoting related products from their gift shop.



“AR’s impact on retail could be even more significant than mobile apps,” says Solai. “An app facilitated the easy access to retail products. New technologies like AR and AI simulate the look and feel of products, which will have a much bigger impact on the industry.”



“Emerging technology like AR is just beginning to unlock possibilities of heightened user experience,” says Solai. “We are just at the beginning stages, but it’s already the next big thing.”

Instead of pushing aside new trends like AR, Solai encourages companies to dive in.

“As with any tech, corporations might have fear over embracing AR,” he says. “But with the right partner to guide and apply new innovation, companies can decrease their time to achieve great things.”

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