Artificial Intelligence Ready to Disrupt Traditional Industries

Agriculture, energy, and construction are next on AI’s hit list. From churches to education to music to movie trailers, artificial intelligence is influencing new (and sometimes untraditional) frontiers. But what about traditional industries (those red-blooded, tried-and-true, blue-collar businesses)? Agriculture, energy, and construction are ripe to be disrupted by AI. Here are a few ways these…

What are The Algorithms that Power AI?

It is not uncommon to hear the word algorithm thrown around the topic artificial intelligence. But what are these algorithms and what they do? Read on to find out.   AI algorithm defined Generally, algorithms are calculations or commands used in mathematics or computer software. These formulas instruct data to solve a set of problems….

RPA: Year In Review

Year In Review & Look Into The Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and machine learning are the biggest disruptors in global business since the Internet. They are transforming work by stripping away mundane, repetitive tasks and freeing up people to handle more advanced, innovative work. Read the full blog post, here.