Digital Assistant Contest

Help Novatio Solutions design our Next Digital Assistant and win up to $2000 for the Holidays!


Do you have tasks that pile up at work, making you stay late? Imagine if you had a Digital Assistant to help with all your data entry, or emails, or reports.

You could leave work early, and focus on the job you were hired to do!


Novatio Solutions Designs Robots that help humans perform tasks quicker and more efficiently.

These robots are software tools, but they perform digital tasks just like you would.


Novatio Digital Workers are the Future


And one more thing:  HAVE NO FEAR!!!

Digital Assistants are not here to take your jobs away.  The goal of the Digital Workforce is to take mundane and repetitive actions away from the humans.

This allows us to focus on using our interpersonal skills and frees up time to innovate and design better products.

Look at it as a Human-Robot Partnership.  Together we can go further than we could alone!

Contest Details:

If you could design your own personal Digital Assistant, what you would have it do?

  • What would be your robots name?
  • Walk us through the tasks your robot would perform.
  • How would your robot save you time at work?
  • What would you do with the time you save at work?

Submit entries to:  Please include your name, social media handle, and best way to contact you if you win!

For more information on the Novatio Digital Workforce, please visit our webpage at


Entry Deadline is December 22nd 2017