Cyber Security is Next for Artificial Intelligence

From onboarding employees-to sending emails-to resetting passwords, AI is becoming a crucial part of the workforce. Artificial intelligence has become the “go-to-guy” in the office. And now industries leaders are counting on AI to take on the role of cyber security guard.


The Future of Cyber Security

With tech departments facing new cyber attacks, breaches, and hacks daily, it is no surprise that companies believe AI has the potential to solve these problems. Who better to hire than a robot sentinel that never sleeps (on the job or off) and offers 24-7 protection?

“Organizations are already beginning to use AI to bolster cybersecurity and offer more protections against sophisticated hackers,” explains Kris Lahiri, Chief Security Officer at cloud file-sharing service, Egnyte. “AI helps by automating complex processes for detecting attacks and reacting to breaches.”


Research Supports AI for Security

In 2018, Cisco Systems released its Annual CyberSecurity Report, with a major emphasize on enterprises relying on heavily artificial intelligence for protection. The report discovered surprisingly that 32% of the security professionals surveyed were completely reliant on AI for defense measures.

Cisco also expects security professionals to continue spending more on AI and machine learning in the future years to improve defenses and help shoulder the security workload.


Current AI Cybersecurity Companies

Understanding the potential for AI, startup company Vectra Networks has acquired $36 million for intrusion detection software centered on artificial intelligence.  Vectra Networks was founded in 2012 and is currently based in San, Jose California.

The company’s Cognito cybersecurity platform gives organizations real-time, automated threat hunting and response powered by AI. The result is “blind-spot-free threat detection coverage” across an entire network and responds quickly to attacks by putting the most relevant threat information and context at users’ fingertips.

Vectra is not the only company providing AI for cyber defense, other companies to pay attention to include RiskIQ and Darktrace.

  • RiskIQ
    • Founded in 2009 by Lou Manousos, Chris Kiernan and David Po
    • Headquartered in San Francisco
    • Applies machine learning and data science to continuously improve platform intelligence, confidence, and mitigation capabilities.”


  • Darktrace
    • Founded in 2013 by University of Cambridge mathematicians and cyber experts
    • Based in Cambridge and San Francisco
    • Created the Enterprise Immune System, “the world’s most advanced machine learning technology for cyber defense.”

These companies are not the only ones offering amazing AI services for businesses. Contact Novatio Solutions today to see the capabilities of our digital workforce.


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