Leading The Pack With Automation + Innovation – Part 2 (Q&A)

 An exclusive interview with Gokul N. Solai, Novatio Solutions Co-Founder

We had a conversation with Gokul N. Solai about the work of Novatio Solutions about the role digital workforces play in the marketplace today and their unique approach to automated business integrations. Here are the highlights of that discussion.


Q: We were discussing previously how Novatio Solutions has become the leader in the digital workforce solutions industry. Could you tell us more detail about how your systems are unique in solving everyday business problems?


N: One of the biggest areas of strength for Novatio Solutions is that we actually customize solutions for you whereas other well-known firms will not. For instance, say you want a custom app to handle you invoices in a certain way, or build a portal or some kind of customer facing application outside of automation – the big-name companies won’t do this. They may even subcontract which creates other layers of complexity. Often this will end up costing 15 times as much as it should be.


Q: So you are saying that other digital workforce players don’t have the complete ability to perform all the tasks for a business, so they pull in other resources to patch things together at a higher price?


N: Right. Novatio Solutions, on the other hand, are innovators and will do this for you in the most cost-effective manner. Novatio does Digital Workforce solutions now, but we originally started the company to mix automation with innovation (which is where our name comes from). We are constantly staying ahead of the technology curve by introducing innovative products into this space. We are not just a new shop that opened for RPA. We have 25 years of managed services and BPO services with huge Fortune 100 clients.


Q: How are you currently mixing innovation with automation?


N: Another unique offering is our Novatio University that provides certified training. We actually want to train our companies to be as successful as possible. Other competitors in the Artificial Intelligence field have to go through a third party for this sort of client education.

We are also leaders in combining emerging technology like natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, Speech, AI tools, Advanced Biometrics, and advanced prioritization algorithms. We are also in works to partner with the Chicago Public School system to introduce RPA education in high school and into college (i.e. place people on this career track). This is just another example of how we are staying ahead of the field and forecasting where the industry is headed.


Q: It seems like a major part of your company’s mission is to give back to the businesses you are serving. Would you tell us more about what organizations you are partnering with?


N: The RPA education I mentioned is just one aspect of a give-back campaign we have. We want to see this impact as many businesses as possible because it creates more and more opportunities for businesses to expand. Novatio Solutions also supports Heart4Seva and Lighthouse Works charities. They are excellent organizations and we desire to see them extend their reach as well.


Q: If a business would like to discover how Novatio Solutions can support their efforts, how can they do that?


N: Business leaders can contact us through our website to request an organization review. We perform a proposal of Novatio’s digital workforce applications. They may find us at NovatioSolutions.com.


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