Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and machine learning are the biggest disruptors in global business since the Internet. They are transforming work by stripping away mundane, repetitive tasks and freeing up people to handle more advanced tasks.

Many industries are seeing innovative solutions from unchained human staff, thanks to digital automation. Some of the well-documented sectors include healthcare—where about 86% of providers and companies use some form of AI—and information technology, which always has the pulse of latest tech trends.

However, other sectors are unlocking innovation in surprising ways by leveraging the strengths of both their workforces. In this series, we’ll cover other industries and how they find innovation through these means.



Robotic Process Automation “has the potential to make a significant impact in the oil and gas industry,” said Tony Mataya, tech consultant at Information Services Group.

Recent studies show 81% of senior-level employees at resources and utilities companies want to adopt AI to manage or organize data. About half of respondents say they want AI to be essential to decision making. And, in some cases, they already are.

Within the oil and gas industry, automation is being used for processing data to increase operational efficiency. Drilling costs have been reduced, for example, by using RPA technology for pre-drill planning and monitoring while drilling.

Drilling engineers have also used automation to improve risk recognition, speed and accuracy of decision-making, and the management of equipment condition. AI-powered drones and robots currently find cracks and corrosion at oil and gas pipelines, power plants, and refineries. This tech could reduce inspection costs up to 25%, with increased safety and trimmed turnaround times.

Other energy industries are taking note of these reduced costs and increase efficiencies in asset management, production optimization, drilling processes, reservoir management, supply chain, and refining processes.



Partnered together effectively, digital workforces can empower human workers to focus on creativity and innovation and less on manual administrative tasks and mundane analysis. Let your company benefit from the freedom of your human workers, while saving time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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