Business Process Automation

As we move into the information age, a lot of the work that humans perform is digital.  To help aide in this progression, we create digital robots to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Novatio Digital Workers emulate humans as they perform various tasks in your organization.  Just as a human would log onto your existing systems, extract data, and make decisions, we train your digital workforce to perform these tasks faster, more efficiently, more accurately and with 24/7 productivity.

Who are we:

Novatio is leveraged off of Solai & Cameron Technologies’ 25 years of knowledge of best practices for operational transformation. Novatio has also partnered with Blue Prism, a leading developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software.  To date, this successful partnership has delivered high level productivity results for various industries including IT, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, and Government.

Our parent company, Solai & Cameron, was founded in Chicago, in the days where cell phones could barely keep a signal.  We dared to introduce wireless networks into all the Chicago Public Schools.  We were so confident in our product that we fully funded our first projects and did not take payment until our customer was completely satisfied.  Luckily, they were, and together we started the wireless revolution.

How are We different?

Transformational Leadership: With years of expertise in implementing enterprise solutions, our methodology shortens your implementation time and expedites your time to value.

Data integration and Analytics:  Novatio has developed proprietary Business Intelligence Tool that provides advanced and real Time Data Analytics along with crisp Data Visualization.  Data is just data until we help you turn it into information.

Business Process Management:  We aren’t just a technology company.  We have years of experience with business process outsourcing and process engineering.  We help find the best solution for you.

Where we are going:

Novatio has strategically partnered with Fujitsu America, Inc. to include the Digital Workforce in a full array of managed infrastructure solutions.  With Fujitsu, we look to expand the presence of our digital workforce.  With leadership market share in Europe, Asia, and North America, with more than 159,000 employees worldwide in over 100 countries speaking 30 languages, Fujitsu is arguably the most Global Vendor.  Novatio is excited to work with Fujitsu to leverage best-of-breed infrastructure solutions to reduce risk, complexity, and cost.

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