The Future of Alexa: New Features to Make Lives Easier

Four years ago, when Alexa was released, Amazon designers knew she would become a household name.

From playing music to providing real-time information to syncing with other smart devices, the personal assistant has impressed us with her skills. But Amazon is not finished. They want their AI helper to make our everyday lives ever easier.

This is why they have some progressive updates in store for Alexa.


Customize Alexa Skills

With the goal of increasing personalization, more like a real-life assistant, it seems fitting that Amazon is calling one new feature Alexa Skill Blueprints.


Source: Amazon


Alexa Skill Blueprints gives consumers the option to build their own skills for Alexa. Device owners can pick from over twenty blueprint templates to customize.

Templates include categories like:

-Houseguest: Program Alexa how to help guests answer questions like “What is the WiFi password?” or “How do I turn on the TV?”

 -Inspirations: Instruct Alexa to create a list of inspirational quotes, that you or others can access when you need some positivity.

-Flashcards: Teach Alexa about the topic you are studying, showing her terms, definitions, and hints, and then let her quiz you.

-Pet Sitter: Tell Alexa about your pet’s daily needs, as well as emergency contact info, so she can help the sitter.


Alexa Memory & Context Carryover Features

“Alexa is similar to any other Amazon service. It is about removing friction in our customers’ interactions with the physical and digital world.” – Ruhi Sarikay, Director of Applied Science for Alexa Machine Learning for Amazon

 Skill Blueprints isn’t the only genius update the Amazon had in mind. They have also improved Alexa’s ability to remember and speak naturally.


Source: Amazon


The soon-to-be-released memory feature will allow users to tell Alexa to store information that can be recalled later. Think of a user telling Alexa to remember a birthday and then sending a gift on that day.

 Along with the memory feature, the company is working on interactions with Alexa being much more conversational. The context carryover feature will allow device owner to use the digital assistant without having to repeat the wake-up command word “Alexa” over and over. It will also make it easier for Alexa to answer follow-up questions.


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