How We Helped Chicago Public Schools Get On The Internet 25 Years Ago (And Everyone Thought We Were Crazy)

By: Gokul Solai, Co-Founder Solai & Cameron Technologies and Novatio Solutions



Solai & Cameron Technologies, Novatio Solution’s parent company, was started 25 years ago, near the dawn of the internet. Technology was starting to change with the increasing usage of the web. We saw an opportunity for schools to be able to use the internet for classroom work and research. The problem: schools weren’t able get reliable internet access at that time, especially building-wide systems for multiple users at once.

Being born and raised in Chicago, our parent company Solai & Cameron Technologies knew that a lot of these Chicago schools were older and had structural issues that impacted technology installation. This meant that traditional ways to provide the internet weren’t plausible.


Crazy Idea: Go Wireless

Upon brainstorming internet access solutions for Chicago Public Schools, we had this crazy idea. We decided to give the school’s wireless networks. This doesn’t seem all that unusual now, but wireless internet was not common in the late 90’s. We had many skeptics.

Back then, cell phones could barely keep signals, so who was to say an entire school building could rely on a similar concept.

With our background in new technology application, we created a solution and provided a pilot to a single Chicago Public School to demonstrate the concept in action. Not only did it work, but as a result, we provided all Chicago Public Schools with wireless networks, and they still use a much of those services today!


25+ Years Of Experience Beats Competitors

Today’s AI technology and the companies that implement them are less than five years old. Many of them lack experience and are learning at the same time as their customers. When new technology comes along, because of their inexperience, they are unable to quickly adapt.

At Solai & Cameron, and now Novatio Solutions, we are aware of how technology impacts organizations and society. We’ve been there and worked through wave upon wave of new technology. Our shared experience allows us to deliver an organization-centric solution while being cognizant of all technology options out there — and ability to draw upon past successes and failures to the benefit of our clients.

Solai & Cameron keeps its partners ready for the next big thing. As we stay up on the latest trends, developments, and apply “crazy ideas” just like we did 25 years ago in Chicago, we avoid being limited in our thinking. We have a transformational experience for our clients and that’s what the success of our solution depends on. Our services extend beyond a five-year-old code base. The knowledge of our people and seasoning of our solutions is our difference.

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