More Than “Traditional” Automation

“Traditional” automation solutions usually fall short in their rigidity. They are limited in scope and benefits and too expensive to update or change. There’s a long change process that is highly disruptive to teams and systems. And, they require more internal technical resources.

Novatio Solutions harmonizes multiple and previously disconnected robotic process automation (RPA) tools and combines them with next-generation technology to create a customized Digital Workforce. Robotic process automation with Digital Workers gives agility and flexibility to accommodate change; decreases time to value; and is less expensive to set up and maintain.

Digital workers can be seamlessly integrated into your current systems without changing the underlying infrastructure.  Furthermore, Digital Workers are technology agnostic so they can work with all your current systems and they automatically comply with your existing security protocols.

Novatio offers a variety of innovative commercial models to ensure a complete fit to business requirements.

digital processes

Digital Process as a Service

Novatio can provision of a defined number of digital workers to provide flexibility to automate processes based on your business requirements

virtual office

Digital Office

Novatio can provision a scalable digital workforce, capable of automating the work of entire departments. Your digital workforce allows you to scale with demand and provides the flexibility to grow capacity in parallel with your organizational needs.

digital workers

Digital-Assist On-Tap

Use our digital workers to manage unexpected workload on a per project basis allowing crisp uninterrupted delivery and the ability to link service cost directly with demand.

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