Novatio Digital Workforce

  • Noninvasive, technology-agnostic workforce
  • 100% compliance
  • Zero errors
  • 3-5 times greater productivity
  • 1/10 price of traditional workforces
  • 2-3 times faster implementation than other solutions

The Novatio Portal:

The Novatio Digital Portal helps organizations future proof their workforce.  Whereas our competitors provide insight into just their specific tools, we provide a comprehensive and unified view into how all your tools and processes are running.

The Novatio online portal offers advanced business intelligence tools, an online marketplace and service catalog and visibility into usage and billing. Simulator tools provide real-time input on cost-savings, which prioritizes time and cost efficiency. The portal also provides insight into forecasting and demand prediction, which allow for to data-driven staffing and a more proactive decision-making

Dashboards are automatically customized for user types, giving CEOs just the precise amount of information needed to make major corporate decisions.  Similarly, views are automatically streamlined for IT, Finance, HR, and other departments, disencumbering these departments from mundane tasks and shifting their focus to execution and success.

All training and upskilling within your organization is provided directly from the portal. There are also tools that allow your team to design and test automations.

Consulting:  Experience the Novatio Solutions Difference

  1. We are experts on automation, technology and innovation.
  2. We futureproof your digital workforce by keeping you ahead of the game.
  3. We can streamline your practices in a fraction of time.
  4. We provide solutions that are highly efficient, cost-effective, reliable and scalable.
  5. We integrate across multiple platforms and industries.

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